Discord Rules !

• Any official Legion member is not start, join, invest, bet on or be affiliated with any other eSports Organisation as this is a direct conflict of interest.
• Listen to and respect everyone within this server especially.
• Contact Management Team for assistance.
• Do not spam @’s or Messages.
• Do not impersonate staff – This is something we take seriously.
• If your behavior is not deemed “Appropriate” for this server, Staff have the ability to enforce a kick/ban even if does not line up with the set rules.
• Out of respect for everyone, keep the textchats in english only.
• Don’t be toxic – Play nice, resolve any issues in DM’s.
• No mic spamming – This applies to music, ear rape, general obnoxiousness and voicechangers.
• Sending DM’s of which break our server rules is not allowed.
• Do not repeat the same messages.
• No JumpScare/Screamer Links within any channel.
• No spamming in text channels – ie; emotes, copypasta, flooding chat by sending messages in multiple rows and large paragraphs.
• Keep Racism/Sexism/Homophobia to a limit, Do not cross the line
• No Porn/Nudity/Gore – If uncertain, ask Management BEFORE posting (This includes both through DMS and everything within the server. Such as emotes, profile pictures, etc…)
• No talking or joking about rape, at all
• No Doxing – Do not share, or ask for, the personal information of anyone inside/outside of the community. It’s also NOT allowed to try and find any personal information of any kind.
• No Swat/DDoS threats even if is a joke. This is not tolerated ever.